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Isle of Jura Festival of Scottish Writing 2007

This morning we stray away from Islay. Far away and yet so close. To New York, via the Isle of Jura. Quite a journey. The journey begins just over the Sound of Islay, on Jura. A lot of people will probably know that George Orwell wrote large parts of his famous book Nineteen Eighty-Four at Barnhill on Jura. But there's more to writing on Jura:

In late 2006 the Isle of Jura Writer Retreat program was launched. It created quite a bit of interest. One of the writers to stay on Jura is Will Self, who gives his thoughts about Scotland and the Jura retreat (via Will's diary). For even more thoughts try Jura Duty, where Will Self writes about it in the Sunday Herald.

So when do we start the journey to New York? Soon. After you've read the thoughts of Paul McHugh, an American who visited Jura in a Homage to Barnhill. Following him back to the United States takes us to New York:

It started on Wednesday, but there are still a few days and events to come over this and next weekend: The Isle of Jura Festival of Scottish Writing 2007 is under way in New York as part of the Tartan Week New York. Well worth a visit if you live in New York (or near New York), Scottish writers present include Ian Rankin of Inspector Rebus fame (more about him in a future entry).

But to finish this entry by returning to Jura, where you can read more about the Writer Retreat Programme on the Welcome to Jura Homepage.

I hope you enjoyed this little journey, more about Jura some other time.



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