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Cantilena Easter Festival 2007 on Islay

How do you know your blog about Islay is rapidly approaching its first birthday? When you start writing about the same events again, just a year later. This time it's the Cantilena Easter Festival 2007 on Islay. Last year I missed it over Easter even though I was on Islay then, this year I will miss it again because I won't be on Islay for another week:

The Cantilena Festival on Islay is coming up again with the Easter 2007 festival starting on Friday 06/Apr/2007. The concerts will be in the usual locations, The Round Church, the Columba Centre and Islay House in Bridgend. Tickets can be purchased from Roy's Celtic House in Bowmore.

One day I will make it to one of the concerts...

PS: In case you're wondering when the first birthday is: I registered the domain on 09/Apr/2006, the first public mention of it was in the ‘Gone Walking’ post from 12/Apr/2006 on my other blog (check the 3rd paragraph), the content from back then can be seen on And the obligatory first post was made on 23/May/2007 after some thorough preparation.



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