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Lossit Bay and Rhinns of Islay Travelogue Completed

Picture of a beautiful sandy bay in brilliant sunshine (Lossit Bay, Islay)

And then the long Easter weekend was over. I know of a few people who spent the Easter weekend on Islay (in addition to the Ileachs obviously), if the weather on Islay was anywhere near as good as down here in England they will have had a fantastic time. After yesterdays exertions I took it a bit easier today and stayed at home. This allowed me to make some progress on the Scotland Summer 2006 travelogue and add another page from a great day on Islay:

Earlier this evening I completed the Lossit Bay and the Rhinns of Islay page. Don't let the fairly grey and cloudy start deceive you, scroll down and you'll see the pictures from some fantastic sunshine on Islay. There are also two 360° panoramas from that day (mentioned on this blog previously): First the 360° Quicktime VR panorama of Lossit Bay on Islay's west coast, second the Rhinns of Islay Panorama. A 360° Quicktime VR Panorama of the Rinns of Islay. I hope you like all three pages!

There's still one full day and the departure from Islay to complete, not sure if I'm going to be able to finish it before I leave for the Islay Walking Week. I'll certainly try...

I'll finish the entry and the Easter weekend with a little celebration:

Today exactly a year ago, on the 9th of April 2006, I registered the domain It still took me a few weeks until the blog actually went live, but I still hope you'll raise a wee dram of Islay Single Malt with me to celebrate this milestone in the history of this blog about Islay.



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