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A Calf Named Islay

Picture of two calves

Recently I had the actress named after Islay. Then there's a dog called Islay with its own blog in Japan (although I must admit I'm not certain if it is named after Islay). Not to forget the sailing yacht called Islay. So what's the latest addition to the list of people, animals or things named after the Isle of Islay?

A calf. Henrietta was born over the Easter weekend, as was her cousin Islay. Both are Aberdeen Angus and Jersey crosses and live on Forge Mill Farm in the West Midlands.

PS: No, the two calves above are not Henrietta and Islay. They are two calves actually living on Islay (well, they were in April 2004 at least). I don't know their names, let alone if they had names.



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