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Confused Bird on Islay?

Picture of a small yellow bird

Let's start the day with a quirky story: I've mentioned the bird (of the feathered variety) yesterday morning. Soon after I wrote the entry I managed to take a picture of it. I openly admit that I have no idea what type of bird this is, I suspect one of my readers will soon tell me. Yesterday evening, I had just returned from yesterday's walk and was enjoying my wee dram of Islay single malt, when it was back again:

It landed on the balcony (just as in the picture) and soon started its usual game: Fly against the window, bounce off, fall to the ground, gather yourself up again, fly away. Start again. Do this a couple of times. Then disappear for quite a while. Return. Start again.

Why does it do that? Does it see an image of itself reflected in the window and is trying to mate with it or attack it? Could there be something in the room it is trying to get to? But then it did the same when I had the door open, it flew against the glass instead of through the open door next to it. Strange, isn't it?

Before anyone misunderstands this: I don't want it to stop or anything, it's not disturbing me at all. It actually adds to the fascination of staying here at Sornbank. I'm just bemused and curious as to why it's doing this. Too many Islay single malts? There's one distillery three miles away and another one may be five miles...

Well, I'll leave you to think about it, I'm off to the second walk of the WalkIslay Islay Walking Week 2007. We're meeting at Bunnahabhain today for a walk to Giur-bheinn. Weather looks promising so far, high clouds breaking up with some blue sky visible already.



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