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Bird Update and Islay Kayaking

After reading the title for this entry you might be wondering about the connection between a bird and kayaking on Islay. Well, there isn't really one, but then again there is. One is the internet and the other is why I like coming to Islay. Let me explain:

Earlier today I wrote about the confused bird flying against the window and that I had no idea what kind of bird it was (it's back, flying against the window while I'm writing this). A number of people wrote in, among them Ron, Scott and Dave. They all said it's a Grey Wagtail. These birds like to live near fast flowing streams, like the River Sorn just below my window. One possible reason it's flying against the window is that it is trying to fight off a rival, i.e. its own reflection. Thanks everyone!

Now the kayaking: One of the reasons I like to come to Islay and the walking week is that I get to meet and talk to all kinds of people. They might be other visitors, they might be people living locally on Islay. I learn about all kind of things and hopefully can share a few things I know. Today I got to talk with Dave, who told me a bit about kayaking on Islay. While we were talking about it I mentioned that I had recently found a page with a report about a kayaking trip to Islay. I hadn't got round to blog it yet, but here it is without much further comment: 2004 April - Sea Kayaking Islay: Lagavulin to Port nan Gallan and back, a 20 miles round trip. I thought it might be interesting not only for him, but also a few other people. Hope you enjoy it!

That out of the way it's time to write about the walk today. Watch this space...



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