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Wednesday, 23/May/2007

Football on Islay

Picture of a football pitch next to a sea loch und a bright blue sky

Unfortunately I doubt that many Liverpool players will ever walk on to the football pitch in the picture on the right, let alone play on it. Or many Celtic, Aberdeen or Rangers players for that matter. But as I'm off to watch the Champions League final 2007 soon I thought I'd try a quick post about football on Islay. Turns out that's not as easy as I thought:

While I know that there is football being played on Islay I struggled to find much on the internet. But my search wasn't entirely fruitless: To start with there's the Islay Boys Football Club, founded in 1988. I suspect quite a few of them will at some point move on to the Glasgow Islay Amateur Football Club, in particular those moving to Glasgow to go to university. But football has been played on Islay for much longer, here are some pictures from the Islay Invitation Cup, Easter 1970.

And finally some celebrity football Islay news: According to Now Magazine the Chelsea player Frank Lampard is now father to a daughter called Isla, meaning she is named after Islay.

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