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Tuesday, 22/May/2007

Islay In The Sun

While Islay does get some sunshine, no, this entry is not referring to the bright object at the centre of our solar system. It's not something I was ever expecting and I'm not entirely comfortable linking to this publication, but Islay has received a mention in The Sun. The Sun as in the tabloid newspaper. For what?

Spring is in the air once again about Springwatch coming to Islay this year. Simon King will be on Islay:

From his own farm location he follows the stories of some of the UK's most special animals, from golden eagles to corncrakes and choughs. He also takes a closer look at one of the UK's most prolific inhabitants, the rabbit. See them as you've never seen them before!

I don't have a television, so I'll need to figure out if and how I can watch this somehow. In particular the Islay parts obviously. In the meantime there seems to be an Islay Golden Eagle at the Shuttleworth Collection Bird of Prey Centre, Old Warden, Bedfordshire (scroll down to the last picture). Phil didn't know why it was called Islay Golden Eagle, but at least there might be a connection.

Related: For regular updates about birds spotted on Islay head over to Islay Birds. Yes, I've mentioned them before. Just thought I mention it again. Head over there, they now have pictures. And leave a comment, if you have something to say about the birds or bird watching.



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