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Sunday, 27/May/2007

Islay Festival Without Whisky?

Most people (probably almost everyone) interested in Islay will know that Feis Ile, the Islay Festival of Malt and Music started this weekend. But there is a slight problem which might make an important part of the festival lacking in an important ingredient: The distilling of the famous Islay whisky.

It's not a new problem, as the same problem occured back in December, when Islay was running dry. No, not of water, but of oil. It looks like the same thing is happening again, as I first noticed on the Bruichladdich Blog: The Wrong Sort of Tide. Judging from the Bruichladdich Webcams they are still distilling today, but the question is for how long.

The issue has also been picked up by the big newspapers, where The Scotsman writes Whisky galore no more! Islay fuel shortage leaves distilleries over a barrel while The Independent titles Bureaucrats blamed as fuel shortage threatens Islay's whisky distilleries.

Something to watch over the next few days...

Update: The BBC now picks it up as well: Oil shortage hits whisky island.

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