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Saturday, 07/Jul/2007

Islay Wave Power on German Television

It is always nice to find mentions of Islay in the foreign media. Most of them are for the whisky (I wonder why that is? ;-)), another frequent topic is the LIMPET wave power station near Portnahaven for renewable energy. Here is an interesting clip in German (with quite a bit of English, so should be interesting even if you don't speak German) about Voith Hydro, Wavegen and the station on Islay:


I'm not entirely sure if you can actually watch them on terrestrial television or only on the web, but the report is by Deutsche Welle (kind of the German equivalent to the BBC World Service). They have a Deutsche Welle channel on YouTube, where you'll also find a report about wind power in Scotland and much more about renewable energy.

For more about the topic of renewable energy you might also be interested in this earlier entry: 26/Mar/2007: Wave Power and Renewable Energy on Islay.

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