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Sunday, 08/Jul/2007

Islay Then And Now

Late last year I prepared a page Swindon - Then and Now, comparing pictures of how Swindon (where I live) looked in the 1940s to how it looks now. Earlier this year I wrote about a group of Belgians who had visited Islay and prepared a few nice pages about their visit. Now you might be confused, what's the link between those two things?

Earlier this week Werner from the 100° Proof Whiskyclub in Belgium (the Dutch speaking part) sent me an e-mail. He had found my entry and wanted to thank me for it. Werner also had some more news for me: Him and his brother had returned to Islay in April and worked on a little project. Can you guess where this is leading?

I've had the idea of an ‘Islay - Then and Now’ similar to my Swindon page in the back of my mind for a while, but never got round to even start working on it. I guess I don't really need to do it any more because that's what Werner's and Gunter's little project has done: Islay Anno... takes old pictures of Islay and compares them to their modern day counterparts. Very good work with some fascinating comparisons! There's also a ‘Making of’, but it's in Dutch (although I managed to understand at least some of it). I highly recommend to look at both, very interesting to see how some things have changed and others look almost identical.

This is not the only project of this kind though, more about that later in another entry...

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