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Monday, 23/Jul/2007

First Edition of my Islay Guide

Screenshot of the cover of 'Armin's Little Islay Guide'

Sorry I'm late. Well, kind of late. But not really. On Thursday I mentioned the first draft of my Islay Guide. I also said that I hoped to to finish it by the end of the week, i.e. yesterday. Which I did, I only didn't have the time to post an update here, so I'm catching up today:

Yesterday evening I completed and published the first edition of my printable Islay guide. It has 22 pages including the cover and the table of contents. I've tried to cover a variety of areas from the basics like how to get to Islay to some more specific areas like walking on Islay. I've tried to keep it concise while providing enough information to make it useful. As it's in a way a ‘personal guide’ based on my personal experience and knowledge I've covered some areas in more detail than others.

Now I'll wait and see how people will react to it and what kind of feedback I receive. I'm planning to work on and publish a second edition in a few weeks or months time, depending on how much input I receive, how many factual errors readers discover and how many ideas for enhancement I have myself.

But for now all I can say is, head over to my other site and download your copy of Armin's Little Islay Guide.

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