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Monday, 30/Jul/2007

Viking Ship visits Islay

Picture of a viking ship under sail

Going through my various newsfeeds today I noticed an entry Til whisky-øen Islay - dag 30. Out of curiosity I clicked on the link. And then I had a slight problem: What I saw looked really interesting, it seemed to be about a replica Viking ship and as far as I could tell they seemed to be somewhere near Islay and Jura. But I couldn't really understand it, as the site was in Danish. I decided to post a comment in English to ask for help. Thanks to Kristian Helmersen I then found much more:

The ship is called the Havhingsten fra Glendalough/ Sea Stallion from Glendalough. It is sailing (and rowing) 1,000 nautical miles from Denmark to Dublin. They left Roskilde in Denmark on the 1st of July and should arrive in Dublin in approximately 2 weeks on the 14th of August. During their journey they are visiting Jura and Islay:

On Sunday they arrived on Jura, this afternoon at 17:30 they arrived in Port Ellen on Islay. I suspect they will sample some good Islay single malt whisky this evening and enjoy some Islay hospitality.

There is quite a bit of media coverage available online:

That's all I've found so far, I think watching the pages will be worthwile, also after they have left Islay and continue their journey to Dublin.

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