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Tuesday, 31/Jul/2007

Walking around Islay's Coastline

As a keen walker (in particular for walking on Islay and Jura) it was very nice to discover a blog about walking on Islay today. It's not about walking in general, but a coastal walk around Islay. Becky Williamson is on her way to walk the entire coastline of Islay (130 miles) and raise funds for the Marine Conversation Society:

During the Islay Walking Week earlier this year we half jokingly discussed how long it would take to walk around Islay staying as close to the shore as possible. I can't remember how many days we came up with, but it was quite a few. While we were talking about it someone mentioned that he had heard of someone doing this already or was planning it.

I didn't follow up on it back then and almost forgot about it. Just before I left for my summer holidays the Ileach had a report about the project. The walker is Becky Williamson, who has been walking parts of Islay's coastline since moving to the island three years ago. She then read about Jane Rose walking around Colonsay and raising funds for the MCS. And a plan was born.

To date she has covered around 70% of the distance (I think) and hopes to complete the walk by the end of the year. Back to the starting point for this post she has recently started a blog about the project, you can find it at Islay's coastal walk. You can sponsor her at Joining up the coastline, the funds raised will go to the Marine Conversation Society Coastal Challenge.

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