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Monday, 06/Aug/2007

Islay House Then and Now

Picture of white painted large house (Islay House, Islay)

Having written about Islay House being for sale only last week it feels a bit strange to write about it again so soon. But after deciding to revive my Old pictures from Islay and Jura series I came across this picture of Islay House in 1902 (click on ‘Larger picture’ for a better view). An opportunity too good to miss to write about.

Picture of the back of a large house, mainly unpainted sandstone (Islay House, Islay)

It has changed more than I had expected since 1902. Back in 1902 the eastern wing seems to have been much smaller and did look very different to the west wing. The buildings were much lower and the walls weren't whitewashed (or painted white) back then. Interestingly the back of the building still reminds of how this part used to look 100 years ago. Fascinating to see how some parts of the building look almost the same more than 100 years later, while others still give an impression how they once looked.

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