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Monday, 13/Aug/2007

Kilchoman Crags Islay West Coast Panorama

This panorama really deserves a longer entry, but then it's late and I need to get to bed. So just a quick entry about my latest addition to the Islay 180° panoramas. It's a view over a huge part of the west coast of Islay from the crags above Kilchoman House. The preview I have space for here can only provide a faint idea:

Picture of a panoramic view over the western side of an island (Islay)

To see more you'll have to head over to the Kilchoman Crags View, Islay. 180° Quicktime VR Panorama. It's a 3.7MB download for the panorama and you'll need the Apple QuickTime plugin to view it, but I think it's worth it. You even get a view of my sister admiring the view over Machir Bay, Kilchoman, Rockside and much more!

More tomorrow. Good night for now!

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