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Wednesday, 15/Aug/2007

Sailing in Islay's Waters

Picture of a sailing yacht anchored in a wide bay on a beautiful sunny day

When thinking of Islay and sailing, a lot of people probably think of the Classic Malts Cruise (Classic Malts Cruise pictures) which also visited Islay recently. It visits Islay every year during this annual event combining whisky and sailing. But there's more to sailing around Islay than just the Classic Malts Cruise.

Islay's marina is at Port Ellen Marina with 20 berths, but you can also anchor or berth in a variety of other places. Loch Indaal is an option during calm weather, the picture above is from a yacht anchoring near Port Charlotte in August 2005. Another popular option are the bays (and piers) at several of the distilleries.

Amanda Darling from Stornoway is a musician and sailor. She recently visited the waters around Islay with her boat called Lily, taking lots of great pictures on the way:

Interesting point to note about the pictures is that they include a few views of the Viking ship Havhingsten I wrote about recently. Amanda also had a go at rowing on the viking ship.

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