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Friday, 17/Aug/2007

Friday Islay Picture (22) actually from Jura

It's Friday evening, regular readers will know what this means. Yes, it's time for the Friday Islay Picture. Only with a twist today, as the picture this week isn't from Islay, but from neighbouring Jura. I've picked a view of the Paps of Jura:

Picture of three distinctively shaped round hills, the Paps of Jura

There's a reason I picked it:

Just over a week ago Chris Townsend posted an entry Five Distilleries, Four Hills: A Sojourn on Islay & Jura about a recent visit to the islands. He mentioned that he had done some hillwalking on both Islay and Jura (he's a very experienced walker and author of several walking books), so I asked him if he was going to post any pictures from his walks. On Tuesday he did: The Paps of Jura. He also wrote a funny thought about the name:

Here's one, showing two of the three Paps of Jura. Three is a rather unusual number as Paps means breasts. It makes me think of Eccentrica Gallumbits, the Triple-Breasted Whore of Eroticon 6, in Douglas Adams' The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy books, long favourites of mine.

Now that should get any geeks who are reading this blog excited...

For some background about Paps and sexy mountain names you can try Sexy Mountain Names on Hillwalk Scotland which I followed up with Mountain Porn and Blogging on my old blog a few years ago. And that's enough smut for now.

Have a great weekend! May be even climbing the Paps of Jura?

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