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Saturday, 18/Aug/2007

Adrian on Islay

Adrián Maldonado is from Puerto Rico, but via Harvard at some point ended up studying Medieval Archaeology at Glasgow. For his time in Scotland he created a website, not very surprisingly named Adrian in Scotland. Why am I mentioning this here? Because he also visited Islay for a few days. His travelogue is a bit ‘different’:

Getting there from Arran seems to have been a bit of a struggle, but finally Adrian and his girlfriend Katie made it to Islay:

We were off to experience a more realistic version of Island life: an island not so easily reached by public transport, with fewer public buses, and fewer obvious tourist attractions, and thus, fewer English tourists. We were shipping off to the remotest edge of Central Scotland: we were off to Islay.

He continues in a similar vain in Islaymatic. It's certainly a different read than the travelogues you usually read about Islay (incl my own). He wasn't very impressed by the public transport and some of the places they visited. At least the distillery tour was the best ever.

But then his writing style is similar for most of the other places he visited, so may be Islay wasn't that bad after all?

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