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Sunday, 19/Aug/2007

The Islay and Arran Expedition

Screenshot of a YouTube video showing runners on a street

The BBC probably had a fairly big and very experienced crew when they visited Islay during the making of Great British Journeys. But thanks to Web 2.0 (yeah, buzzword bingo) how much longer will that be required for interesting programmes? As far as I can tell Random Stuff Inc has a (very young) staff of one, producing a video documentary of an adventure of semi epic proportions. The islands of Arran and Islay were the stations during the Marshall family's journey:

The Islay and Arran Expedition

While the camera work might be a bit unsteady at times and the sound quality is influenced by the low budget equipment as well as relative inexperience of the crew I quite like the video. Views of Islay's beaches, reporting from the recent Islay Half Marathon and a visit to Finlaggan are among the topics.

There's also mention of an ‘Arran Passport’, which according to Arran for Kids lets children record the places they visit on the island. I'm wondering if there's something similar for Islay? The best I've found so far are the Treasure Trails, which exist for Bowmore and the Rhinns of Islay (as well as the Isle of Jura).

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