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Sunday, 19/Aug/2007

How To Pronounce Islay Malts - Revisited

While I did learn French at school this is now more than 20 years ago and I've forgotten most of it. Nevertheless I was intrigued when I found a French weblog with an entry titled Some more gherkins with my Laphroaig. What do gherkins have to do with Laphroaig and Islay? Why was the title of the entry in English but the rest in French? Would I be able to understand what they were writing?

As far as I can tell the entry was about the pronounciation of English words and the IPA to start with. It then moved on to describe a French site, La Maison du Whisky, which provides a recording of a native speaker giving the exact pronounciation of the world's whiskies. This obviously includes the Islay whiskies:

To make it work make sure the little tab ‘Fiche technique’ is selected, then move your mouse over the little loudhailer with the name of the whisky next to it. You should then a hear a recording of the name (provided you have your speakers or headset switched on).

And why is this entry titled ‘How To Pronounce Islay Malts - Revisited’? Because I already wrote an entry How To Pronounce Islay Malts back in January. But that was about how to pronounce Islay Malt whiskies in Swedish...

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