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Monday, 20/Aug/2007

Pam Carter's Paintings of Islay and Colonsay

I'm not entirely sure how I found Pam Carter's website, although most likely it must have been something Islay or Colonsay related. Pam has an interesting biography: Born in Tanzania to Scottish and Austrian parents she moved to Glasgow when she was 13, later gaining a degree at the Glasgow School of Art. In 2004 she completed her first recce of Islay and Colonsay. And why am I writing about this?

Pam is a painter, capturing the beautiful light in Scotland in her paintings. Most of her paintings are from the islands along the west coast of Scotland, which obviously includes Islay and Colonsay. To view them start with the overview page, The Isles of Islay and Colonsay, then move on to all Islay and Colonsay images. I'm struggling to make up my mind which one is my favourite:

The view of Machir Bay titled ‘Over The Dunes, Islay’? Or the view of ‘Port Charlotte, Islay’? Or the Coastguard cottages from ‘The Dune Row, Islay’? Difficult. What's your favourite?

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