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Thursday, 23/Aug/2007

Music at the Port Charlotte Hotel, Islay

Sorry it's a bit late again this evening, I was researching a possible future entry and got carried away a bit. Not sure yet if the posting will work out, I'll need some help and luck to get it to work. But I don't want to leave you without any new Islay content today. It's not very long, but here's some nice music from Islay:


Unfortunately the video is a bit dark, so it's very difficult to make out who is playing here. But it's definitely at the bar of the Port Charlotte Hotel on Islay, I recognise some of the staff and the bar itself.

Especially since Grahame and Isobel took over the hotel a few years ago there is music in the bar quite regularly. I've enjoyed listening to great music here on a number of occasions. This short clip reminds me of it and lets me look forward to the next time...

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