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Wednesday, 22/Aug/2007

Islay House Community Buyout Proposal

Picture of a walled vegetable garden in the early spring sunlight

When I first wrote about Islay House being for sale more than two weeks ago I mentioned I was hoping it would go to someone who was going to give something back to the community on Islay as Captain Tom Friedrich has done. There is an interesting development which in a way links to this view, a potential community buyout for Islay House and garden:

I first heard about the plans through a blog entry at Radio Fyneside, Islay's Bridgend Community campaign to buy Islay House? last week. Today my (print) copy of the Ileach arrived, which provided me a little bit more information:

Members of the Bridgend Community Garden project presented the idea of a community buyout of Islay House and garden at the recent Islay Show. Tony Archibald of the Bridgend Group has sent off a list of 367 signatures to the Scottish Land Fund/ Big Lottery Fund to kick off funding for a potential buyout. The group is looking for further input how to take the project forward and make it a sustainable community asset.

I've contacted the Bridgend Community Centre group for any further updates and to see if there's anything I can do, be it on this blog and/or my Islay pages or in other ways. To me this is something that deserves support and would be a great achievement for Islay. If Gigha can do it I'm sure Islay can do something similar.

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