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Thursday, 06/Sep/2007

The Viking Islay

Sitting here on a mild late summer evening, sipping a pint of Single Malt Islay Ale, eating some very ripe strawberries and a bit of chocolate, I thought, ‘what am I going to post today?’ Then I thought, ‘let me take a look through my Islay bookmarks and see what I find’. Apart from finding that they are a complete mess and need tidying up I found something in a way Islay related I had bookmarked ages ago but hadn't blogged about yet.

I've blogged about a Viking ship visiting Islay and (among others) an actress named after Islay. Now here's (kind of) a combination of the two: A ship called Viking Islay. Compared to other boats it is a quite big ship. How do I know it is named after the Isle of Islay? Well, most of the other ships in the fleet are named after Scottish islands.

Unfortunately it will lose the nice name Viking Islay at some point and change to VOS Islay, as Viking Offshore was recently acquired by the Vroon Group. Well, at least the Islay part of the name remains, which is the more important part as far as this blog is concerned.

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