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Saturday, 08/Sep/2007

Saturday Islay Picture

Huh? ‘Saturday Islay Picture’? What's that? Shouldn't that be the Friday Islay Picture? You're right, the regular feature is on Fridays. But this picture is a direct follow up to yesterdays Friday Islay Picture (25). It's the same view coming into Port Ellen past the maltings, only this picture was taken today:

Picture of a coastal village with a hole where a building used to be

For a better comparison I've cropped yesterdays picture for a closer look to where the Islay Hotel still stands. Quite a gap in the silhouette now:

Picture of a coastal village with the same building as mentioned above still standing

To my knowledge the new building for the new hotel will look similar to the original, although it will not be as high as the old building. I've received a few more pictures from the demolition of the old Islay Hotel, not sure yet if I find the time to post them today. If not I'll hope to catch up tomorrow.

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