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Sunday, 16/Sep/2007

Islay Blogging Roundup #2

Sunday evening, the weekend is almost over. I've just poured a wee dram of Islay Single Malt (Laphroaig this evening after the Bunnahabhain yesterday), time for the second Islay Blogging Roundup. Looking back to last week I'm now quite happy with the first Islay Blogging Roundup, so I thought I try it again. Here's what a few blogs had to say about Islay over the last week or so:

For the first blog we travel almost to the other side of the planet, to Japan. I can't read much of it apart from the name (and recognise what's on the picture), but Takeshi Mogi picks up on the demolition of the Islay Hotel in his Islay and Scotland blog. The news spread around the world...

The Bruichladdich blog goes Hollywood and picks up on a comment by Jessica Alba. She seems to think that whisky should be drunk, not collected. A view I largely agree with.

IslayIan's fame continues to grow: On Friday the UMPC program he runs was filmed for the BBC The Politics Show, where it ran today (at least for now you can watch it online here, click on latest programme, the Islay High School part is from 1:15 to 1:21 as well as the following discussion until 1:22). If you can't see it or once the programme isn't available online, there's a writeup at Hi-tech leap for island's pupils.

Becky Williamson seems to be on a roll at the moment, after walking between Port Askaig and Bunnahabhain last week she covered the stretch between Port Ellen to Seal Bay on the 7th and 13th September 2007. She's trying to find out about a mystery building, can you help her?

ClydeSights, who watches local shipping on the Clyde, spotted the HEBRIDEAN ISLES on her way back to Islay after the recent repairs to her bow ramp.

The fame of the the Islay Quilters continues to spread: I wrote about them more than a year ago, on Friday Quilt Krazy Patchwork Quilts picked up on Islay Patchwork Quilts.

A new Islay tourism marketing initiative is picked up by Ron, Discover Islay - A new marketing initiative wins tourism funding. Quite a bit of discussion about the logo arises, I quite like it.

And finally a handful of pictures from Islay: Besser spät als nie: Schottland- und Islay-Bilder! (Yes, that's German. But you don't need to understand German to look at pictures. Should you understand German you can read the Reisebericht über das Land meiner Träume: Schottland 2007 which includes dancing with Jim McEwan of Bruichladdich fame).

That concludes the second Islay Blogging Roundup, more in a week or two, depending on how busy the blogs are and how many suggestions or recommendations for blogs to include you send me. For more roundups try the Scottish Roundup or the Britblog Roundup, even though they don't mention Islay even nearly enough for my liking.

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