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Sunday, 09/Sep/2007

Some Kind of Islay Blogging Roundup

OK, I have no idea if and how this is going to work, but I'm going to give it a go anyway. Inspired by the Scottish Roundup (as well as the Britblog Roundup, which is actually moving around blogs) I thought I should give an Islay Blogging Roundup a try. I've been linking to other blogs mentioning Islay already, but not as much as I would have liked to. Hence an attempt at an (ir)regular Islay blog roundup. Some entries I found interesting recently:

Let me start with a blog from Romania. It's only indirectly Islay related, but I thought worth mentioning. I stumbled over it because it used the word Laphroaig, which made me curious as to why. Was it the whisky or is there a Romanian word Laphroaig? Turned out the entry ‘Zakir cristalin’ was about listening to Zakir Hussain (for those who know who he is) while sipping a nice wee dram of Laphroaig.

IslayIan had a busy week at Islay High School. He has started to role out UMPCs (a type of computer each pupil will receive), which let his visitor stats explode as this project generates a lot of interest. Definitely something to watch over the coming weeks!

The guys at Bruichladdich explain the difference (or more likely the commonalities?) between Gaelic and Gallic while later in the week pointing out that whisky doesn't contain any food additives or colourings linked to hyperactivity. Makes me wonder which E number the caramel colouring had when that was still common practice...

Becky Williamson went walking again, this week covering the short but interesting stretch between Port Askaig and Bunnahabhain. We had an interesting discussion if she took the hard or the easy option for her route, either way the views must have brilliant over the sound to Jura and the Paps.

Ron in the meantime was very impressed by the new StormCat 950, made by StormCats of Lagavulin. Certainly looks impressive, although I must admit I prefer sailing boats.

Now to some recent visitors to Islay who blogged about their visit. Probably a coincidence, but the two blogs I'm going to mention this week both were from cyclists: Mary and Mike went biking and hiking on Islay, enjoying the nature, the wildlife as well as the Celtic crosses. Timmy is from Boulder, Colorado (I think), he came over to Scotland for the Single Speed World Championship in Aviemore as well as something more important (as far as I'm concerned ;-)), a visit to Islay and the distilleries. He was successful and claimed mission accomplished.

With that I close the first Islay Blogging Roundup, I hope you enjoyed it. I think I'm going to do it again, either fortnightly or even weekly. Feel free to send me suggestions or recommendations for blogs to include in the next and future roundups. Islay, Jura or Colonsay related is the only requirement.

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