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Monday, 10/Sep/2007

Last Wall Standing at the Islay Bar

No, not last man standing, last wall standing at the Islay Bar. And even that isn't entirely true any more as that is also now gone. After following the progress of the demolition of the Islay Hotel over the last week and a half I think this is a fairly fitting last picture for now:

Picture of the last walls of a building to be demolished still remaining, the sign 'Islay Bar' still visible

Next step will be to clear the rubble and prepare the site before construction of the new hotel begins.

I wrote about how different it looks for now when coming into Port Ellen from Bowmore, I'm told it looks even stranger when coming from the other side. You can see the hills on The Oa through the gap, which obviously you couldn't do while it was still standing.

I'll try to keep you updated on progress over the coming months, I think this will be very interesting to follow.

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