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Tuesday, 11/Sep/2007

Rare Breeds on Islay

Picture of a Middle White Pig

Islay is well known for being home to a number of rare birds including the Corncrake. Something may be not so well known is that Islay is also home to some rare pig breeds. Lossit Farm on Dunlossit Estate is known to keep Middle White Pig, during the Lossit Walk earlier this year I saw some of them (more on my Farming on Islay page). They are now expanding the range of breeds by another breed:

Earlier today I found an entry on Taking stock, The livestock and sales blog about British Lops: British Lops top year with Melton Mowbray show and sale. From my point of view the interesting part being the mention of Dunlossit Estate on Islay:

One of those means that British Lops will be bred in Scotland for the first time in over a decade as the Dunlossit Estate on the Isle of Islay bought a breeding group of two gilts and a boar, all unrelated, to add to their burgeoning groups of rare breed pigs used in conservation grazing projects on the island.


Who knows, may be I'll be able to show a picture of them and their offspring in a future blog entry?

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