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Tuesday, 18/Sep/2007

An Islay Site to Bookmark and Some Jazz

Trying to quickly fit in some Islay blogging on a busy sport evening, listening to the rugby on Sportsound (Scotland is leading 21:0 over Romania as I'm writing this sentence) while simultanously listening to Champions League on BBC Radio Five Live (not so good for Scotland as Celtic is trailing 0-2 in Donetsk). Now that's dedication, isn't it? What little bits of Islay have I got for you today?

The full launch of the site has been delayed, but as a heads up I thought I'll link to it anyway: Spot the Barrel. I know what it is about and I think it will be worth the wait. I recommend to bookmark it now and return to it in a few weeks time.

Now a little bit of Jazz, the Islay Jazz Festival last weekend. Some of the reports in the MSM will probably still take a day or two. The only one I'm aware of so far is in the Scotsman, A wee nip of this well-matured island festival leaves a warm afterglow. A blogger who already visited last year returns for the second year to Islay. For a few nice views of Islay over the weekend try this Flickr photoset ‘Islay Jazz Festival 2007’ by Gordon Barr. More to follow as I find it.

PS: The score doubled while I finished the entry: Scotland 42-0 Romania

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