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Wednesday, 19/Sep/2007

Two Bloggers Visit Islay

Two bloggers visit Islay. ‘Yes, and, what's special about that?’ I hear you say. ‘There are bloggers visiting Islay all the time, you link to one almost every week!‘ And you would be right. But there is something a little bit different about Dave and Martin:

I first noticed Dave's blog back in August, when he dropped a hint of a planned visit to Islay. The next day Martin confirmed the hint when he wrote about Holiday Plans and More. They were going to attend the Bruichladdich Academy in September, hoping to blog and podcast from it. Still nothing different from quite a few other bloggers, until you read their blogs a bit more closely and figure out that they're both blind.

They completed their visit last week and Martin last night posted an entry about their visit: Blind Ambition. Looks like they (and Jaid) had a great time on Islay and Mark Reynier really enjoyed their visit. I don't know if they had an opportunity to record a podcast (or two?), if yes I'll link to it as soon as it becomes available.

Now reading their blogs has made me think again: How accessible is this blog? I have limited knowledge about web content accessibility and have tried to implement at least basic accessibility features. At the same time I think there might be issues, e.g. the comments use JavaScript, which I'm not sure if screenreaders or other tools they might use can handle. Also this is a small private blog run in my spare time with limited resources, but if there's something simple I can do I'd like to do it. Islay and this blog should be accessible to as many people as possible.

If Dave, Martin or any other blind reader is reading this I would appreciate your thoughts. I don't want to write down my e-mail address here (to avoid the spambots), but I'm sure you can put together the address from my first name (hint: it's Armin) and the domain for this blog.

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