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Friday, 21/Sep/2007

Friday Islay Picture (27)

Sorry I'm late again, I'll try to be better next week. You should get your Friday Islay picture earlier than this. So what's on offer this week? Some Islay wildlife. They probably weren't always wild (well, these were, but their ancestors weren't), but there are a few colonies of wild goats on Islay. Here's an impressive species near Sanaigmore in the north west of Islay:

Picture of a wild goat jumping over some heather

The goats are believed to be descendants of the surviving goats of the Spanish Armada ships wrecked in 1588. They live in various parts of Islay, among others on The Oa, near Sanaigmore and in the remote north of Islay.

Sorry you can't see its ‘goatee’ very well, if you ask me nicely I might post another picture of it with it visible much better.

With or without goatee, have a great weekend!

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