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Sunday, 23/Sep/2007

Islay Blogging Roundup #3

It is just gone 5pm on Sunday afternoon. A nice mug of tea, a wee dram of Islay Single Malt Whisky, some chocolate digestives and some plain chocolate are waiting next to the laptop. Yes, it's time for a look back on Islay in the blogs, time for the third Islay Blogging Roundup. Here's what a few blogs had to say about Islay over the last week or so, starting quite international:

My French is a bit rusty, but it's good enough to figure out that romico visited Islay and Jura in early September, writing about it in an entry Dimanche 9 septembre en fait, pour faire. I might be wrong, but looking at the blog I get the impression they are travelling by boat, having sailed from France to Ireland and now arrived in Scotland.

Further away I think Takeshi Mogi is writing about the bar of the Port Charlotte Hotel, at least the pictures are of it and for some reason the English word ‘bar’ pops up in the Japanese.

Going to Germany we find a wee Sheltie called Islay, who has just been rated ‘very promising’ in a competition. I'm pretty certain the dog is named after the island, after all there is a category Slàinte Mhath on the blog with frequent mentions of the Isle of Islay.

Over in the Netherlands we find Cheffen, which seems to be a blog about food, drink and other culinary delights. Guest author Whisky Jr writes about whisky, in particular Islay malts and a visit to Islay. I haven't seen this on Islay (yet), but there is also an entry about another Scottish ‘delicacy’ on the blog, Schotse lekkernij: de gefrituurde Mars (that's the infamous deep fried Mars bar...).

Also blogging from the Netherlands Ron covers the Ferry Tender won by Caledonian MacBrayne after wondering if the Saturn is going to be the Islay ferry at least for the winter schedule.

The Bondbloke visited Islay for the Jazz Festival and promises further pictures and texts. He calls Islay Pat the Chooks Territory, as Pat lives in Argyll and occasionally visits Islay (doesn't seem to have been recently though or at least hasn't blogged about it).

After appearing on the BBC Politics Show last week IslayIan travelled to Glasgow to present at the Scottish Learning Festival about his work on Islay. But going back to the UMPCs a Welsh blogger picks up on the topic: Gliniaduron y Blaid (eto) (for those, like me, who can't read much (if any) Welsh, here's the English version: Plaid's Laptops (again)). The Connected Blog also has a very interesting entry, Ambition - island style about the work at Islay High School.

Islay is home to quite a few sheep, so it's no surprise that a knitting blogger visiting Islay calls the entry about the visit Scotland, whisky and sheep. I don't know how well whisky and knitting go together, I guess it's all about moderation.

How to Survive in Modern Times is a question asked on The Strategist and the author includes a bottle of Islay Single Malt in his ‘survival kit for modern times’. Most commentators (incl me) agree with his choice.

A regular visitor returns to Islay, I'm looking forward to follow up entries for future roundups: The Principal's Nose: Islay Beckons Once Again

From Islay again the Islay Birds blog provides an update on the bird migration with the first geese arriving on the island.

The Bruichladdich Blog comments on The Number 1 Scot, I sense a slight disappointment that ‘after five years most Americans when they think of Scotland still picture bagpipes, kilts and whisky’. See also And this is what Americans think a Scotsman looks like...? (via Scottish Roundup).

And with that this weeks Islay Blogging Roundup closes, for the bigger picture visit the Britblog Roundup and in particular the Scottish Roundup. At least this week I can't complain that they don't mention Islay enough. Have a good week, more Islay Blogging Roundup next Sunday.

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