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Monday, 24/Sep/2007

Palm Trees on Islay and Jura

Picture of a walled garden with some palm trees

Quite a few people think the weather in Scotland and therefore Islay and Jura is mostly horrible, cold, wet and windy. How wrong they are! Admittedly Islay and Jura get their fair share of rain, especially during the winter months, but it is also a very mild climate. Meaning you can find palm trees on both islands (as in many other places on Scotland's west coast), something most people probably wouldn't expect. Not to forget the brilliant sunshine you can get in particular in spring and summer.

There are palm trees on Islay in a number of locations: The picture above shows some (at least I think they are palm trees) in the Bridgend Community Garden. Then there are some in Bruichladdich, unfortunately I don't seem to have a decent picture of them. There are several in the garden of a cottage between Ardbeg and Kildalton. There are probably more in other places on Islay, these were just the ones which first came to my mind.

Picture of a coastal village with a few palm trees on the shore, brilliant blue sky above

The best known palm trees on the Isle of Jura are probably the ones in Craighouse, just below the distillery, next to the hotel garden. The image above shows a glimpse of them, combined with a brilliant blue sky and spring sunshine.

PS: This entry was part inspired by a German blog mentioning the perceived ‘englische Schmuddelwetter’ (Schmuddelwetter meaning as much as ‘yucky, drizzly, dreary weather’. There is no real equivalent to the term in English. Dreich kind of comes close though)

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