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Thursday, 27/Sep/2007

A French Visit to Islay

Picture of a harbour village at a natural bay in beautiful village

Again and again I hear from visitors to Islay how friendly most people on the island are. While, as in any other place, I've come over the odd unfriendly person on Islay as well the vast majority of the people I've met on Islay have been very helpful, open to visitors and hospitable. A couple from France, Monique and Max Bonnet, visited Islay in August and just sent me this nice little story about another friendly and helpful Ileach:

We came into the Island by plane and have rent a car (we have there to tell that both Logan Air and McEnzie are wonderful). We visit during this week the maximum we could, taking all the ways and roads by driving our car (to drive at left for French people is not so easy).

We arrived in a morning to this beautiful bay and took some pictures, then we decided to continue our road but unfortunately we did not found the way.

One worker was there with his truck (removing the refuse), we decided to ask him for our direction, stating that “we are French tourist and we want to go there, how can we find this way?” : he just looks me and tell, in French “tu vois la maison là-bas, tu tournes à droite et tu vas tout droit, Vive la France“

The Auld Alliance? An example of great hospitality, helping the visitors in their own language? Whatever it was, Monique and Max are very grateful to the worker, thanks to him and his kindness they've seen a lot of beautiful places on that road on Islay!

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