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Wednesday, 03/Oct/2007

Mhairi Muir from Islay in Action

Picture of a triathlete (Mhairi Muir) crossing the finish line at the Hamburg triathlon world championship

In September, exactly a month ago, I wrote about someone travelling from Islay to Hamburg. That someone was Mhairi Muir, who went to Hamburg to compete in the Hamburg Triathlon World Championship 2007. She finished an excellent 91st overall out of 618 and 28th out of 85 in her age group in a total time of 02:25:25 in the ITU Age Group World Championships, Olympic Distance. Back in September I wasn't able to find, let alone post, any pictures of Mhairi in action, luckily that has now changed:

A few days ago her mother Carol contacted me and sent me a few pictures of Mhairi in Hamburg. I decided to start with the last picture, Mhairi waving the flag when crossing the finish line.

From the finish back to the start (I think this is at the Alster), this is her pensive in the queue to go in for the swim:

Picture of a young woman (Mhairi Muir) with a swimming cap, just before the start to a race

Back to after the race again, this is Mhairi and her Royal Navy teammate and mentor Billy Holman. Billy won the Islay Triathlon last year and this year:

Picture of a man (Billy Holman) and a young woman (Mhairi Muir) after a triathlon Picture of a young woman (Mhairi Muir) on a triathlon bike during the race

And finally to the middle of the competition (Just to remind those who aren't familiar with it, it is swimming first, then cycling and finally running), on the right is Mhairi on her bike. I'm wondering how fast she's going in the picture, looks like she's going round a bend. But I suspect they will ride at 25+ mph during a race?

They were very happy with Hamburg, there was a lot to see and do, although the rain reminded them of Islay. The Hamburg people were lovely and very helpful.

Carol also told me that Mhairi did very well out there and has consistently improved over the last year. She works very hard and is supported very well by the Royal Navy who are now promoting her as a sporting role model.

I'm not sure when and where the next world championship will be, I'll certainly watch out for it to see Mhairi's progress!

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