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Sunday, 07/Oct/2007

Islay Blogging Roundup #5

This week the roundup is slightly later than usual, I've been busy with other things like talking with my mother and sister and working on the Two weeks on Islay in June 2007 travelogue. So instead of the 5pm tea and homemade shortbread it's a wee dram of Islay Single Malt and some chocolate while compiling this weeks Islay Blogging Roundup. Here's what the blogs had to write about Islay this week:

Let's start with the unpleasant, the suspicious death in Port Ellen is also picked up by Radio Fyneside, who write that the police is investigating the 'suspicious' death in Islay. I suspect that won't have been the last word.

For something much more pleasant let's turn to food and drink: The real Islay Festival has already been for this year and the next one won't be for another good 7 months. However, if you live in or near San Francisco you might want to visit the ‘Little Feis Ile’ to enjoy Islay and Oysters at Absinthe.

Another site where I can't read much apart from words Laphroaig and Islay because the blog is in Italian: Sim&Sam Photo: Foto del giorno 3 Ottobre 2007. I suspect ‘Foto del giorno’ means ‘Photo of the day’ though, as the other entries on the blog have the same title (apart from the date).

More strange languages, Dutch this time: Mannen in Kilts. Luckily the embedded video is in English and James MacKenzie of Bowmore distillery explain what a Scot wears under his kilt. No, I'm not revealing it here, you'll have to watch the video.

More distillery related blogging for Bruichladdich distillery, the academy to be precise: In the last roundup I had mentioned I expected another mention for Jonny Raglin and here it is, he has now arrived in his journey to Islay and the Bruichladdich Academy. Dave and Martin also were mentioned previously, Martin has recently published his Islay and Bruichladdich Report.

Away from the drink and on to the golf. I don't know if there is any better praise for golf on Islay than that of the Principal: The Principal's Nose: Islay - Island of Golfing Dreams. In particular the last paragraph.

So you'd like a few pictures? OK, there have been pictures on the blogs as well: Katelyn went cycling on Islay during a cycling tour of Scotland. Sweetea from Vermont travelled all the way over the big pond to attend a friend's wedding on Islay and also visit London (the unimportant part).

I have the vague feeling I might have mention some of this one before, but can't find it just now: Chris Watson - The Sound Of Islay: A Report From The Hebrides. Recordings of sounds like the wind in the dunes of Islay, those kind of sounds.

Last but not least the Islay Birds Blog has the latest on the birds arriving on Islay, including the first of the larger flights of Barnacle Geese. I'm told there have been many more since, but the latest update isn't online as of finishing this roundup.

So, that's it for the fifth Islay Blogging Roundup. For the bigger picture and blogging from Scotland I send you to the Scottish Roundup and the Election that wasn’t. More Islay blogging next Sunday. Not sure yet what time. Feel free to send me suggestions for blogs to include.

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