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Wednesday, 17/Oct/2007

Getting Ready for Another Visit to Islay

Holiday signed off by manager? Check (weeks ago). Accommodation on Islay arranged? Check. Ferry to Islay booked? Check. Hotel for outbound journey sorted? Check. Car MOT and service done? Check. Hotel for return journey? Ooops, better get that sorted quickly. Laundry done? Pretty much. Sounds like the basics are mostly under control. So what am I hoping to do when I'm on Islay?

I've got a week to play with, which sounds quite a lot but probably won't be nearly enough. An unsorted and incomplete list of ideas and things I hope or plan to do on Islay:

That's a long list. Quite long. Let's see how much of it I'll actually get done while I'm on Islay. Anything I missed? Anything you think I should do? In addition to or instead of anything I've listed? Any picture requests? Let me know in the comments.

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