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Tuesday, 30/Oct/2007

Kite Surfing on Islay (video)

Slight dilemma: There are two angles from which I could approach this entry. Let me call them the ‘familiarity’ and the ‘linked around a few corners’ angle. I think I'll go with the familiarity angle. Regular readers will already be familiar with Colin Haste, as he also filmed the flying to the Isle of Jura video I mentioned back in July. This time he and two mates went to Islay for some kitesurfing and kitebuggying:


Looks like Islay's beach are actually quite good but so far not well known for kitesurfing and kitebuggying. They seem to have really enjoyed themselves yet there weren't any others on the beach (yet). Which also brings me to the ‘linked around a few corners’ angle: While I was on Islay last week I heard from Keith Findlay how he is land sailing in Machir Bay (I had hoped to see him in action and take a few pictures, unfortunately we didn't manage to get around to meet for it). I mentioned this to somebody else (unfortunately can't remember who), who then said he had seen kitesurfers recently.

I wonder if the ones he had seen were Colin and his friends? There's a good chance they were, as towards the end of the video I spotted Roland Worthington-Eyre talking and joking with them. It might well have been him who mentioned them, but could also have been somebody else.

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