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Monday, 29/Oct/2007

Islay Blogging Roundup #7

Having been offline for more than a week during my visit to Islay last week I've missed out on two Sundays since the last Islay Blogging Roundup. I guess its time for a bit of a catch up, here's what the blogs have been writing about Islay over the last two weeks or so:

Let me start with another blogger who arrived on Islay on the same ferry as me, Gordon Yates writing We are off to Islay last week. He's been busy filming and taking pictures, I've seen him filming the geese at the top of Loch Indaal. Different to me Gordon is still on Islay and is also Writing from Islay.

Another blogger I read regularly posted something that caught my eye literally minutes before I went offline: vowe received a present from Islay, giving me the opportunity to boast that I was on the way to the source.

You might wonder what a Beginner’s Guide to OAuth has to do with Islay. That's what I did when it popped up in my newsreader. Turns out it uses an (imaginary?) visit to Islay to illustrate a web publishing technology. Not really Islay related, but good enough for me to mention.

Before I left I had to wait for my copy of the Ileach longer than usual, the reason being the postal strikes. Not nice, but only a minor inconvenience compared to not receiving benefits or goods ordered online you can't just nip out to buy at a shop a short drive away. Well constrated by Ian Douglas at the Telegraph: Post blog, blog post.

Now for some music: I've mentioned the Meisje van de Slijterij in a previous roundup, this week she's back with another very interesting video. Norma Munro, the voice of Islay has a video of Norma singing ‘Westering Home’ (I believe at Bowmore).

Someone mentioned this to me while I was on Islay, picks it up as well: Something any Islay Single Malt enthusiast will attend, the Laphroaig Live Whisky Tasting on Wednesday 21st November at 20:00(GMT).

Staying with Laphroaig we go to Dr.Whisky and the Malt Mission 2007 #178. I highly recommend the Whisky Tasting! video, quite funny to see the reactions.

And even more Laphroaig. Combined with some baking. I was quite pleased to find that my Islay Single Malt Whisky Chocolate Chip Shortbread recipe was picked up by quite a few other blogs: Dr.Whisky in Malt Mission 2007 #179, the picks it up and over in Germany mentions it in the second Wochenrückblick Insel-Whiskies

Enough whisky, back to some bird- and wildlife-watching: Cheryl Field went to Islay for some recharging the batteries, mainly spotting otters and various species of birds after some expert tuition by Jeremy Hastings.

OK, how about a bit of oil. Or more the lack of it. While I was on Islay last week I noticed a fairly large ship anchored in Loch Indaal for several days. Turns out that was the oil tanker which came to Islay but never unloaded its cargo. Mark Reynier wasn't very pleased and writes about it on the Bruichladdich Blog. Ron also picks it up and links/quotes a few articles in his entry Islay Oil Supply Problems - It is Happening Again.

The Islay Birds Blog has seen a little facelift and you can now find the names of all the contributors in the sidebar on the right. A nice collection of birds was spotted Fri 26th Oct- Sat 27th Oct, including the Bar headed goose from a few weeks ago.

Right, I think that's me pretty much caught up with what the blogs have written about Islay the last two weeks. As usual a quick mention of the Scottish Roundup for the bigger picture, The election blame game, talking dogs, and Scottish Roundup embraces affirmative action for teuchters is this weeks roundup, also a day late. Must be fashionable. Nevertheless I plan to return to the regular schedule next Sunday, input is welcome via the comments or via mail.

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