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Sunday, 04/Nov/2007

Islay Blogging Roundup #8

Late Sunday afternoon, a nice cup of tea and some Bremer Klaben are standing on the desk next to the laptop, time to get back into the routine. Time for the 8th Islay Blogging Roundup. Before you ask, no, Bremer Klaben doesn't really have anything to do with Islay, apart from that I took some to Islay for my recent visit. As far as I know those who tasted some enjoyed it. But back to the task at hand, back to what the blogs had to write about Islay in the last week or so:

Let me start in Japan where Takeshi Mogi blogs about Elizabeth Sykes Batiks. As my knowledge of Japanese is limited (i.e. I can't read a single character) I have no idea what he's actually writing, but I'm sure it's positive. I paid her a short visit again last week, she is very nice and I really like her work.

As we are on the topic of languages I can't read, let's try some Hindi: khayal. I didn't write it down, but from what I can remember from the translation someone gave me it's a love poem, thinking of someone while he's away and wondering if he's thinking of her while he's on Islay. I hope I've got that right. Corrections in the comments please.

OK, back to languages I can actually read:

Over in Switzerland Tom is writing about the Ardbeg TEN Whisky des Jahres 2007. He's wondering how and why a whisky is chosen as whisky of the year. Why exactly this one this year and another one next year? May be it is all a marketing ploy for the new edition of the book?

The ferry. A neverending story. ClydeSights notes that the new Islay ferry has been ordered. See the Scotsman for some background, where some people ask why Poland and not Scotland (ClydeSights thinks Fergusons isn't too bothered). Ron has some further background, including thoughts about a catamaran (or two) being a much cheaper and better option.

How about some whisky? And some chocolate? Not directly an Islay posting, but Laphroaig gets a few mentions: Whiskyfest 2007 Chocolate and Scotch Pairing. Again not directly an Islay entry, but I like the way Tom Morton writes. And the Isle of Jura (single malt) and Black Bottle both get a mention in Tom's Sunday Times piece about Whyte and Mackay's master blender Richard Paterson (Whyte & Mackay own the Isle of Jura distillery).

IslayIan reports of an interesting international collaboration, the Monroe Islay connection. Students from the Banks Stephens Middle School in Forsyth, Georgia (USA) video conference with Bowmore for a project to sketch buildings on Google Earth.

The other Ian is now on Jersey for a well earned holiday, before he left he reported several sightings of a Hobby on Islay. Not to be outdone his holiday cover tells us of 2522 ducks (that's assuming I added them together correctly, leaving out the 8 black tailed godwits and 636 lapwing).

The Bruichladdich Blog provides a running commentary on the Oil Crisis, the Oil Waffle and the Oil Right On The Night. Seems the worst crisis is over. For now.

Last but not least an excursion to Islay's nearest neighbour, the Drinkblog visits the Isle of Jura. With a nice video of their visit to the distillery incl something about the tanker. (some parts are in Dutch, as this is from Meisje who I also mentioned last week. She or Ron will have to translate what that's all about).

With that this weeks Islay blogging roundup concludes, I should point out that I finished it with a nice wee dram of Ardbeg Islay Single Malt and some Organic Plain Chocolate. But not before the now obligatory mention of the Scottish Roundup for the bigger picture and Money, extremism and balls.

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