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Saturday, 03/Nov/2007

Foxface Album Release

Picture of the album cover

Earlier in the year I mentioned a band from Glasgow called Foxface. The reason I mentioned the band was that one of the three band members, Jenny Bell, according to what I read is from Islay. Good enough reason to mention them on this blog, not forgetting that they also play some nice music. I don't know if they have any plans to play on Islay, but if you're in or near Glasgow tonight you can go to a quite special concert for Foxface: They will celebrate the release of their debut album ‘This Is What Makes Us’ at Stereo in Renfield Lane, Glasgow, this evening.

The album is released on Gargleblast Records, you can order it through the Gargleblast shop. At the moment you can hear some of the songs on the Gargleblast MySpace page (and for a limited period even download a song for free). There are also samples, downloads and concert details on the Foxface MySpace page. The Scotsman gives it four stars, which is twice as many as Britney Spears latest offering can muster:

GLASGOW-BASED trio Foxface produced one of the highlights of the Ballads of the Book compilation, and their own album continues to fashion an idiosyncratic link between folk influences, pop melodies and more strident rock'n'roll elements. This Is What Makes Us is a dynamic debut full of contrasts, not least the polar textures of Michael Angus's baritone growl and Jenny Bell's sweet, breathy soprano.

Congratulations and good luck for the debut album!

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