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Sunday, 18/Nov/2007

Islay Blogging Roundup #10

Today has been a horrible day down here in Swindon, I don't think it has ever stopped raining. An ideal day for some work on my Two weeks on Islay in June 2007 travelogue, but more about that some other time. The weather reports from Port Ellen indicate much better weather on Islay for today. Same story as last Sunday from the looks of it. Working on the travelogue held me up a bit, but now it is back to a look what the blogs have been writing about Islay this week:

Last week I finished the roundup with Ron, so let's start it with him this week. Ron has Christmas in mind this week when republishing a story from the Ileach about Made on Islay and following it up with a story about Donald Macleod's CD release to benefit Islay Charity.

From the Netherlands straight to Japan, where Takeshi Mogi writes about the upcoming Laphroaig Live. I'm not sure what time the event will be for them, but as Japan is a few hours ahead of us I think it will be during the night or very early in the morning.

Takeshi isn't the only one blogging the event, over in Spain (?) Joan Mitjavila is also blogging about Cata global de Laphroaig.

Not about Laphroaig but another Islay malt in yet another language writes Michael Raynolds Laursen in Ardbeg Ten, 10 år of Mikroblød på nettet, a fairly new blog as far as I can tell. He's writing in Danish I assume.

Back to the Netherlands for more whisky: Sjoerd de Haan takes six rare Islay single malts to the test in Peat, all around. For him the Bruichladdich PC5 is the winner this time.

Bert of Bert’s Whisky Dagboek covers the Whisky Live Leiden, if I read this right he's the proud owner of a copy of The Legend of Laphroaig.

Enough whisky, how about some island hopping in a motorhome? I was waiting for this entry since September when I read Scottish Island Hopping in a Motorhome? They have finally arrived on Islay and write about it in Kintyre to Islay - Island Hopping. There's more to come, so I'll watch this blog for further updates.

Now to some geology. I still have to dig into this a bit further, but this entry about Guardian Newspaper Repartitions Ireland mentions Islay, Inishtrahull and Greenland all in one sentence. Apparently some geologists believe Greenland and Islay (as well as Inishtrahull) are somehow linked.

Any Islay blogging roundup would be incomplete without a mention of birdwatching. The blogbeachmaster is expected back next week, but the holiday blogmaster provides yet another excellent update for the week 12th November to 17th November. Among others a corn bunting and a male goosander were spotted.

Also directly from Islay the Bruichladdich blog reports Commanding Officer Irvine Lindsay, Royal Navy, HMS Vanguard and Crew visiting Islay and the distillery.

And finally the ardblog from Switzerland writes about Whiskykalorien. That's the calories in whisky, in case you didn't figure that out from the picture. First time I notice that on a whisky bottle as well.

That's all for now. If the latest information I've received from Islay is anything to go by and everything goes to plan I would expect to read a lot about Spot the Barrel in the (whisky) blogs next week. You'll see it in the next roundup if my prediction was right.

Can't leave you though without the reference to the Scottish Roundup, which claims Everything’s Debatable… this week.

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