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Saturday, 24/Nov/2007

Islay Bar in Munich to Close?

Picture of the interior of a bar/restaurant

When I was living in Munich (or München in German) back in the late 90s I vaguely remember visiting the Islay Restaurant & Bar once or twice. It looks like it is unlikely that I will be able to visit it again, at least not in its current location. News reach me from Munich that the bar is probably going to close at the end of the year. An interesting coincidence considering that the ‘real’ Islay Bar it was named after was demolished earlier this year.

The building where it is based is currently being sold and Ulrike Putz who runs the restaurant has been given notice. Unless a miracle happens she will have to close the bar by the end of the year. She's looking for an alternative location, but rents are high in Munich and finding the right location is difficult.

Picture of large leather sofas in a bar

If you look through the Islay Whisky Bar Munich Gallery you will notice a famous visitor from Islay: Yes, that's Jim McEwan of Bruichladdich (although the picture looks a bit older, so it might have been when he was at Bowmore). I don't know if any other Ileach have visited it.

In any case, you might want to visit it while you can. There's also another reason to visit it before the end of the year: Ignore the dates on the page, the Ausstellung (Exhibition) ‘Outposts - Islay and elsewhere’ is still running, you can get a preview of some of the pictures in the Galerie (gallery). Look closely and you'll notice some of the pictures from it on the walls in the photos above.

Good luck to Ulrike and Magdalena, I hope there will be a solution and a future for the Islay Bar in Munich! Who knows, may be someone who can help reads this entry?

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