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Sunday, 25/Nov/2007

Islay Blogging Roundup #11

Nice hot chocolate? Check. Chocolate chip muffins? Check. Islay Single Malt whisky for later? Check, a Bunnahabhain for today. After some good progress with the Islay June travelogue and completing a Portnahaven village panorama for my Islay 180° panoramas it is time to turn my mind back to blogging. So what have the blogs been writing about Islay this week?

Last weekend in the last roundup I wrote that I was expecting to read about Spot The Whisky Barrel in some of the Islay and whisky blogs. Well, so far I'm aware of four other blogs picking it up: Your Islay dream home awaits you writes John, Pennies from Islay's Heaven writes Ron, Whiskyspotting - plocka hem storkovan writes Mattias in Sweden and something I unfortunately can't read writes Takeshi in Japan. I hope I can further expand the list over the coming weeks!

A story to pick up again from two weeks ago is the £29,400 whisky bottle. Back then Andrew Jefford had a few questions about it. This is now being picked up more widely: The Bruichladdich Blog picks it up with It’ll End in McTears and Suspicions mount, quoting Andrew's research. Ron also publishes a story from the Ileach on his blog: World Record Whisky not as Old as Claimed?. Somehow I suspect we haven't seen the last of this...

Let's talk whisky a bit: The myguideBritain Blog tries to answer the Whisky or Whiskey? question during a visit to Islay. The Moodie Blog writes about Cask 811 from Bowmore which will be available exclusively at Heathrow Terminal 5 once it opens in 2008.

From whisky to beer, here's a Japanese Blog writing about Islay Ales. I think this might have been from a visit to Islay, I'm guessing the pictures were taken at the Port Charlotte Hotel (the beer tabs and the place mats look familiar ;-)).

Looks like Islay has been quite wet and stormy last night, at least judging from the picture and notes at this picture of the Wavegen station. I'm not sure how often he visits and what exactly he does (apart from excellent photography), but Neil is a regular visitor to Islay.

Islay High School is still benefitting from modern technology as IslayIan writes: Islay ICT: "Its really cool to talk across an ocean".

Last but not least some birdwatching: The blogmaster is back with (among others) 38 Brent geese, following up with a story about geese counters being disturbed by low flying jets. There were also Whoopers, Pale bellied Brent geese and two sightings of Sea Eagles.

To finish the roundup the usual reference to the Scottish Roundup, which this week has A ‘Lost in the Post’ Post. And reminds me that next week I'll be writing the first Advent Islay Blogging roundup. Will there be any Islay Advent blogging to report on?

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