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Thursday, 29/Nov/2007

More Islay Hotel Basement Pictures

With the new name of the hotel not known for another few months for obvious reasons I've decided to alternate between Islay Hotel and Port Ellen Hotel when naming the entries. I might also use Former Islay Hotel occasionally. I understand the builders had to struggle through some fairly bad weather on Islay, but are still making good progress on completing the basement:

Picture of a basement being built

The picture above gives an excellent impression of the progress, as it shows a very similar view as the picture in this earlier Islay Hotel update. The walls are now almost at full height, this is where various stores and the laundry room will be. Through the gap at the end of the corridor you can see the space where the lift will be (the square hole in the floor).

Picture of a building site

Above a view from the other end of the building. There will be meeting and seminar rooms at the end of the building in the basement, below the restaurant. You can also nicely see the new outside wall against the road side on the right.

Picture of a view into a basement under construction

Another view of the same end, but from the other side, from the back of the building. Unless the plans have changed the keg shute will be behind where you can currently see the wall completed to about half height so far (at the wall with the white coverings). The builder is standing where one of the meeting/ seminar rooms will be.

And with that I'll leave you for today. I've got to get some sleep and think about which picture I'll publish tomorrow for the Friday Islay Picture. If you're quick you can leave requests in the comments to this entry. Depending on what you request and if I have a picture for it I might fulfil it...

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