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Friday, 30/Nov/2007

Friday Islay Picture(s) (36)

Trying to decide what to post for this weeks Friday Islay Picture I thought I go back almost as far back as I can go, to 1999. Unfortunately those pictures from my second visit to Islay in July 1999 are in a strange format, so I don't look at them very often. But today I dug out the CD and went through them, finding a picture I hadn't remembered I had. The view of a wreck in the sand at Kilchoman Beach, Machir Bay on Islay's west coast:

Picture of the remains of a wreck with the shape of a boat still clearly visible

Having found that picture I then had a look through the pictures from my most recent visit to Islay in October 2007. My main reason was to find a picture to compare the old picture against. While the sand constantly shifts I can't remember seeing the wreck like in the picture above for a long time now. In recent years I can only remember seeing it like this:

Picture of the remains of a wreck with just a tiny part of the wheel house still visible

I wonder if and how much of the wreck is still hiding under the sand and if it will show up again one day? Are the ribs still there or are they all gone? And what was this ship before it ended up here in the sand, never to sail the seas again?

I'll leave you with those questions and two Friday Islay Pictures instead of just one. Have a great weekend, whereever you are, whatever the weather will be (wet and windy here in Swindon) and whatever your plans are!

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