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Friday, 07/Dec/2007

Friday Islay Picture (37)

Finally a very busy week is over, time to relax and recharge the batteries. The weather forecast for Swindon is quite horrible for the weekend, the one for Strathclyde (which includes Islay) doesn't look much better. In other words, I should have plenty of time for Islay blogging and making progress with the Islay travelogue. But first it is time for this week's Friday Islay Picture, a reference to the picture I wrote about yesterday. Here's the view I had on The Oa:

Picture of a panoramic view over some steep cliffs with some walkers on the top of the cliffs

Biggerise the view over The Oa, Islay

This is the view I had from the top of the cliffs where Mark took the picture of me. It's difficult to see on the smaller version above, but on the larger version you can make out a number of other walkers, one of them is Mark walking on after taking the picture. Looking at the map I think this is at Rubh' a'Bhuic, the top of the cliffs is approx 100m/ 300ft above the sea around here. There are more pictures from the walk on my The Oa and Beinn Mhór and The Oa and Beinn Mhór (cont'd) pages.

With that I'll leave you for this evening, have a great weekend whereever you are, hopefully not too wet. If it's too wet to get out here's a nice song and video to watch, shot in a place not too far from Islay. Not nearly as nice though, after all it's a big city.

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