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Thursday, 06/Dec/2007

Islay and Me on my Parent's Wall

In a way this entry is a year late but then again I couldn't have written it a year ago. I didn't even have all the ingredients until a few weeks ago, even though it all started in April 2006 on Islay. Back then I went on the fourth Islay Walking Week, the last walk took us out The Oa and Beinn Mhór. One of the other walkers was Mark Unsworth of Islay Studios, quite important for this story. Because in the first Ileach I received after returning home I noticed this picture:

Scan of a part of a newspaper article

Photo of the final pictureI think it was in August 2006 during my next visit to Islay that the second stage started. During that visit I also met Mark in his studio again and we started talking about the picture. I didn't have the money then, but the plan to give a large print of the picture as a present to my parents was hatched during that visit.

Later in the year my financial situation improved and I was able to promise my parents their Christmas present: A large print of a picture of me on the top of the cliffs of The Oa on Islay. Now the only problem we had to solve how to hand over the present in style and how to get it to Germany.

Photo of the picture finally hanging on a wall

The solution for this was fairly simple, or so we thought: Over Christmas 2006 we started planning a family holiday on Islay for summer 2007, where I would buy the picture and my parents would then take it home with them to Germany. Sounds simple enough, doesn't it? The holiday was planned and booked. I told Mark to get the picture ready. In mid June we arrived for our holiday on Islay. We picked up the picture at Islay Studios. Only when my parents were getting ready to leave we just couldn't fit the picture (or to be precise the frame) into their suitcase. It was too big.

In the end I just took the picture home with me, wrapped it up well and sent it over to Germany as a parcel. My mother then found someone who could pull the picture on the frame in Bremen. So now the picture of their son in one of the most beautiful places on Islay is finally hanging on the wall in my parents house.

Thanks Mark for a great picture!

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